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Name Day in the Orphanage A Concert for the Young Patients…
A Concert for the Young Patients of the Boarding Home for Children

The concert of the vocal ensemble “The Timbrel” took place in the boarding home for mentally challenged children in Novinki on September 24. It was a wonderful gift for the children. Not only the small dwellers of the boarding home enjoyed the young and clear voices of the participants of the ensemble, but also monastics and medical staff. The participants of the ensemble sang poetry of St John of San Francisco (Shakhovskoi), Alexander Block, Vassily Zhukovich, Matushka Irina Kakhovskaya, as well as folk songs gathered by Elder Nicholas Gurianov (of the Isle of Zalita). The artistic director of the ensemble, a renowned Belarusian composer Vladimir Kazbanov, took active part in the concert. He introduced the performers, shared amusing stories from the life of the ensemble and commented on the performance.

“The Timbrel” performs in hospitals, orphanages, psychiatric clinics and oncology hospitals for children. Over the years, the ensemble has prepared and recorded quite a few original spiritual music programmes, such as “Branches of Willow” (“Verbochki”), “A Gift” (“Padarunak”), “A Girl was Singing” (“Devushka Piela”), “Whitsun Morning” (“Troitsino Outro”), “Silence” (“Tishina”), etc.

Vocal ensemble “The Timbrel” has been awarded two diplomas of the Patriarch for its diligent work for the glory of the Russian Orthodox Church, and it has also won prizes at the festivals “Krasnaya Pascha” and “Hodegetria”.

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