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Our plans

Our purpose is to hear, see and understand the will of God for ourselves and for those who surround us and come to us as well as for that which is going on around us. We strive to be creators not of our own mind, understanding, desires, wishes but to be co-workers with God, the One Creator and Providence of all. Thy will be done – we aim to repeat this prayer not only in word, but in thought, heart and our whole being. In fact, in human terms it appears that much has been accomplished in a short time, but if we glance at God’s plan, we see that we must do far more: a social-rehabilitation complex with studios and a church dedicated to the Exaltation of the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord in the village Tsna near Minsk; a hospice for the handicapped, sick and dying, a children’s village for orphans and a rehabilitation center for drug addicts at the farmstead; a Sunday School and Pilgrim’s Home at the monastery. This list contains only the objects of external construction – how many souls must be warmed, saved, turned to repentance and correction, inspired with faith and hope… and for this it is necessary to work together with God’s help. O Lord, save everyone who desires to contribute a mite through a prayer, advice or concrete assistance to this spiritual construction which the Lord is creating, through us sinners, on the outskirts of the capital city of Belarus.

Св. прмц. Елисавета
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