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Orthodox Summer Camp Anniversary
Sunday School

Since 1998, a Sunday School named in honor of the Saint Martyrs Faith, Hope and Love and their mother Sophia has operated on the grounds of St. Elizabeth convent. Children aged seven and up learn about God, the Orthodox Church and Mysteries, Christian life and the lives of saints. They attend the Divine Liturgy, make confession and receive Communion. In the Sunday School there are groups for drawing and icon painting in which the children especially love to participate. Up to one hundred children attend our school.

In the school there is a group of young boys and girls who meet on Sundays and sometimes on other days. Following prayers to the Saint Martyrs Faith, Hope and Love and their mother Sophia, they have tea and a discussion with a priest about spiritual questions of concern to them. But this is not all – they organize festal morning performances for the younger groups of the school and pilgrimages to holy places. Children also participate in the restoration of Belarus’ monasteries and have contacts with brotherhoods. Many work in the monastery’s studios and participate in Orthodox exhibitions and fairs. What’s more, young people visit the children’s boarding house.

The youth group is always happy to welcome new people. Everyone can receive support here and learn more about Orthodoxy.

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