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Municipal Clinical Hospital

In a noisy city bustling with streams of automobiles there is a quiet oasis – the Municipal Clinical Hospital. It is an oasis of love because here, the ailing, tormented heart is ready to suffer and forgive.

The ringing of bells echoes behind the walls of the hospital and seems near and dear. It fills everything, even the depths of the heart.

But the soul grows tired without God. It is seized by a feeling of indescribable sadness, loneliness and futility.

The joys of this world are deceptive and fleeting. Only the Lord can console, give peace and true happiness.

And He comes and the soul trembles from joy, having met one’s Creator. Peace and quiet, formerly unknown, enters into the soul.

So many sick and tormented souls have been retrieved from captivity by the Lord’s visiting them through the Mysteries of Confession and Communion, performed at the hospital. So many people have been touched by God’s grace through the anointing of oil and sprinkling of holy water.

How terrible it is to approach God
And how difficult it is to bend one’s knees
O Lord, take not away Thy Face
O Lord, grant strength to leave captivity.

Even if it is possible to leave captivity for a day, an hour, a minute – that minute will remain in eternity. And gratitude fills the hearts of the sisters for that mercy.

The sisters of mercy come not only with a sermon about the Savior, but also in order to give concrete assistance to those in need. Their hands are especially needed there, where old age, incurable illness and physical infirmity has made people helpless.

Св. прмц. Елисавета
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