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The Sisterhood in honour of Holy Martyr Grand Princess Elisabeth was established in Minsk in 1994. Following in the footsteps of their heavenly patroness and eager to devote themselves to the deeds of mercy, the sisters went to the places where sorrow is especially visible: hospitals and boarding homes for mentally challenged children and adults. The Sisterhood also runs many church booths scattered across Minsk. Everyone who comes to such booths can not only buy some religious items or ask for prayers, but also get spiritual advice and learn more about Church life.


National Applied Research Centre of Mental Health >>>


Boarding Home No.3 for Mentally Challenged Elderly and Less Able Persons >>>


National Applied Research Centre of Pulmonology and Phthisiatry >>>


Boarding Home for Children with Special Needs >>>


Municipal Clinical Hospital No.2 >>>


Boarding Home No.4 for the mentally challenged >>>


Minsk City Centre for Medical Rehabilitation of Children with Special Needs >>>


Spiritual Centre of the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University >>>


On the streets of the city… >>>



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